Tatjana Valenieks
Zutenu iela 3-3 LV - 1004 Riga, Latvia
Mobile Phone Number: (371) 9 - 681 - 276
Home Phone Number: (371) 7 - 601 - 076
E-Mail: tatjanavalenieks@yahoo.co.uk
Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist

   I am interested in working in the fields of cosmetology,    makeup, beauty treatment, colour aesthetics, body and      facial massage, hairdressing, style, and modern fashion.




Tatjana is the Regional Representative for the Baltic Countries

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  Christian Dior, Riga, Latvia
Cosmetics Consultant

June 2001 - Present
" I am currently working as a cosmetics consultant at the Christian Dior salon in Riga. I specialize in fragrance, make-up, and skincare, and I demonstrate to the salon's clientèle the best way to apply Dior beauty products in order to enhance the customers' complexion, cheeks, eyes, lips, and nails.
Juniks K Cosmetics Company, Riga, Latvia
Cosmetics Consultant for Bourjois Cosmetics, Paris

May 2001
" I worked as a cosmetics representative for the French cosmetics company, Bourjois. I applied make-up to domestic and international customers at various beauty salons in Riga, informing the beauty patrons of the best application techniques for the face, eyes, lips, nails, and body. I specialized in Bourjois cosmetic products, which included Pour la Vie, Eclat de Rire, Dis-Moi Oui, Longueur Sublime, Vernis Antichoc, and Pastel Teint.

Tilts Advertising Agency
, Riga, Latvia
September 2000- April 2001

Make-Up Artist and Consultant in Body Painting-
I am currently working on a contract basis with an advertising agency that specializes in advertisements for magazines, television, and film trailers. I apply make-up to actors and actresses, and I concentrate on decorative body painting for commercials - for example, the artistic painting of hands, faces, eyes, and lips.

Lokomotive Films, Riga, Latvia
August 2000 - April 2001

Cosmetics Consultant and Make-Up ArtistI apply make-up to the actors and actresses who perform in short fiction films at the Lokomotive production company. I also work in body painting for special-effects shots, and I consult in decorative cosmetics, coordinating make-up with costumes, scene, mood, and alterations in light, shadow, and temperature.

Klas-Studio, Riga, Latvia
, June 1997 - July 2000
Lecturer inCosmetology, Massage, Hairdressing, and Fashion§ I delivered lectures to the clientele of Klas-Studio about the professional application of cosmetics, modern hairdressing techniques, and current trends in fashion and haute couture. Furthermore, I worked as a hairdresser, cosmetologist, and body masseuse.

Kindergarten Nurse, Riga, Latvia
April 1997 - May 1997

I worked as a general kindergarten nurse for an elementary school in Riga.

Paula Stradina Medical Laboratories, Riga, Latvia

September 1992 - February 1993

Laboratory Medical Assistant
I worked as a specialist medical assistant in the field of laboratory diagnosis of medical ailments and conditions.

  .Paula Stradina Hospital, Riga, Latvia
May 1992 - August 1992
Medical Assistant in Cancer Therapy
I was employed as a hospital assistant in the treatment of cancer patients, especially in the fields of human chemistry and physiology.
  Post-Secondary Education  
  Poetica International Cosmetic Business Center,
Riga, Latvia
December 2000

" I completed an advanced course, taught by Christophe Deubois, and earned a professional certificate in the history of fashion, the history of men's style, the history of cosmetics, and the history of fashion photography, with special emphasis on practical applications to artistic photography and to cosmetics within fashion.
Riga Cosmetic School, Riga, Latvia
August 2000 - October 2000
" I attended courses and earned a professional certificate in "Modern Hairdressing Techniques", specializing in decorative hairdressing for fashion shows, fashion magazines, television, advertising, and film.

  Paula Stradina Medical School, Riga, Latvia
September 1990 - June 1994

I earned my diploma as a Medical Assistant and Laboratory Technologist, specializing in Laboratory Diagnosis.
  Perspektiva School of Business and Foreign Languages, Riga, Latvia
April 1993 - June 1993

I attended courses and earned two professional certificates in "Make-up and Decorative Cosmetics" and in "Facial Massage".

Perspektiva School of Business and Foreign Languages, Riga, Latvia
August 1993 - November 1993
I attended courses and earned two professional certificates in "General Body Massage" and in "Classic Massage".