Los Angeles, CA
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  • Glamour
  • Wedding
  • Ethnic
  • Photography
  • Bald Caps, Character Aging, Monsters, & Period Makeup
  • Cuts, Bruises, Burns, & Scabs
  • Bullet Wounds & Blood Work
  • Molding
  • Figure Finish
  • Appellation
  • Styling & Application
  • Headpieces & Facial Hair
  • Cutting, Coloring & Styling

















"Undressed" Cycle II
MTV Network
Producer: Dale Roy Robinson Director: George Verschoor, David Flickas, Danny Salles - Key Hair

"Ball 2K"- MTV Network Remote Productions
CAST: Tommy Lee, Mandy Moore, Mark Hoppus, Mike Piazza, Pokey Reese, Tyrese
Key Hair

"Vital Signs"- ABC Series Producer:Jerilyn Goodman, Director: Ed Guttentag, Igor Meglic, Joe Mealy, Joe Sanchez - Key Hair

"Never Give Up: The Search For Sarah"
CBS Movie of the Week -
Producer: Jonathan Bernstein Director: Fred Gerber CAST: Patty Duke-Astin, Richard Crenna, Melissa Crider,
Lisa Snyder, Ele Keats, Jonathan Gries
Key Makeup


"La Hora Lunica"
Telemundo Network
KVEA Channel 52
Producer:David Moran
CAST: Umberto Luna
Key Hair

"Dondo y Dondo"
Telemundo Network
KVEA Channel 52
Producer: David Moran CAST: Raphael Sigler
Key Hair/Makeup

"Odd Man Out"-
Warner Bros.
Modeling Shoot Key Makeup/Hair

"My Indian Summer"
CBS After School Special

Producer: Les Sheldon
Director: John Behring
CAST: Adam Beach,
Tailnh Prado
Makeup/Hair Assistant

"The Big Easy"
USA Network-
Producer: David Calloway Director: Vern Gillum, CAST:Susan Walters, Tony Crane, Barry Corbin
Hair Assistant


Motley Cre -"Afraid" Crash Films
Director:Nancy Bardawil
FX Effects Makeup Artist

Carlene Carter
"Love Like This"
Planet, Inc.

Director: Gerry Wenner
Key Makeup

Was Not Was
"Forever Is A Long Time" - Palomar Pictures
Director: Don Was
Key Makeup/Hair


Red Hot Chile Peppers "Interactive CD ROM" Original Film -
Director: Gavin Bowden
Key Makeup/Hair

David Bowie
"Hearts Filthy Lesson"
Mars Media

Director: Samuel Bayer Makeup Assistant

Tom Jones
"Mama Told Me Not to Come"-
Black Dog Films
Director: Lawrence Dunmore -Assistant Makeup


Director: Gregg Cannizzaro CAST: Ron Hunt, T.C. Holmes, Donnice Wilson
Key Makeup

Eating LA
Director: Steve Binder
CAST: Greg Lewis
Robert Abrams
Key Makeup/Hair

Director: Bart Montgomery CAST: Brock Peters, Susan Strasberg, Forbes Riley, Norm Skaggs
Key Makeup/Hair

The Boys Club
Director: Librado Beracio
CAST: Chauncey Leopardi, Patrick Renna, Ike Turner, Jarrett Lennon
Key Makeup/Hair

The Taming Power of the Small
Director: Wayne Powers CAST: Treat Williams,
David Morse, Cody Dorkin
Key Makeup/Hair

One Little Indian
Director: Mac Carter
CAST: J.T. Walsh,
Trevor Edmond
Key Makeup/Hair

Just Looking
Director:Tyler Bensinger CAST: James LeGro, Michelle Forbes
Makeup Assistant

Its My Party - Director:Randall Kleiser CAST: Eric Roberts, Gregory Harrison, Olivia Newton-John, Chris Atkins
Makeup Assistant


Suicide Kings
Director: Peter O'Fallon
CAST: Christopher Walkin, Henry Thomas, Sean Patrick Flanery, Jay Mohr,
Johnny Galecki

Sara's Life
Director: Joseph Brooks
CAST: Amber Benson, Rick Otto, Dante Basco
Key Hair

Standing On Fishes - Director; Meredith Scott Lynn, Brad Tatum
CAST: Kelsey Grammar,
Jason Priestly,
Meredith Scott Lynn,
Brad Tatum
Key Hair for
Meredith Scott Lynn

American Strays
Director: Michael Covert
CAST: Eric Roberts,
James Russo, Carol Kane,
Joe Viterelli
Makeup/Hair Assistant

California Convertible Director: Michael Keusch CAST: Andreas Arnstedt, Chrissy Schultz,
Berno Fuermann
Makeup/Hair Assistant

Director: Joey Travolta
CAST: Casper Van Dien, Vanessa Engel, Jennifer Lewis, David Paymer
Makeup/Hair Assistant

The Good Bad Guy
Director: Ezio Greggio
CAST: Ezio Greggio,
Rudy DeLuca, Dom De Luis Makeup/Hair Assistant

Jeff Gorman Films
Key Hair
One Such Films
Key Hair

Propaganda Films
Key Hair

Dayton Department Store- One Such Films
Key Hair

Airtouch -
ARL Advertising
Key Hair


Bank I
Tag Pictures
Key Makeup/Hair


Tag Pictures
Key Makeup/Hair

Lifetime Television
Fall Campaign
NU Pictures
Key Makeup/Hair

KLVE "Song of the Day"- Telemundo Network - Key Makeup/Hair

John Ritter
Domestic Abuse PSA

12700 Productions - Key Makeup/Hair

Vidal Sasson 1998
  10 Month Course
Schwarzkopf Color Dynamics Course Los Angeles - 1998
Senna Cosmetics Los Angeles - 1998
  Eugenia Weston Makeup Art Team
Bobbi Brown Cosmetics Los Angeles - 1997
  Makeup Art Team
Lancome Cosmetics Utah - 1993
  Makeup Art Team
Joe Blasco 1995
  Makeup Artist Course
Crafton Hills College 1994
  Liberal Arts Degree
San Gorgonio Beauty College 1989
  Cosmetology Course




Yellow Balloon 1999 to Present
  Children's Hairdresser
Scwarzkopf Professional "Hair-a-Thon"
  AIDS Project LA Participant in 24 hour hair cutting fundraiser
World International Nail & Beauty Show 1998
  Judge- World Class Makeup Competitions
Los Angeles Women's Foundation Merit Awards  
  Honoring Lillian Gorman and Olivia Mitchell - Hair and Makeup
  State of California Cosmetology License